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"I want to thank you for my new and exciting career! I received a four year Bachelor's degree in 2006, and no matter what I did I couldn't find a real career with my degree... Within a few short months of studying on my own online at OpticianWorks.com, I am PROUD to say I got a great job to start out the New year!!! Can't thank you enough!"

Dana Telega 1/2013

"I passed both my ABO and NCLE. On the first attempt! OpticianWorks is an excellent resource for aspiring opticians. The lessons were well formatted and organized. The practice tests were instrumental in my success, especially the lesson and test on prism. It is difficult to find easy to understand study information on such a complex topic. I certainly be using this site as a guide when I go to take my practical. Thanks so much!"

Cecelia Jane Brooks 1/2013

"I'm taking the ABO on Tuesday..The website has been a wonderful tool in the preparation process."

Jimmy Allen Gorszczyk 1/2013

"I found your website as I was preparing to take the ABO exam and it was by far the most helpful site available to me! Everything is so well thought out and explained so clearly. The part about adjusting was very helpful because you use the same terminology as they did on the exam. I just got my results back, and I passed! So thank you so much!"

Ashley Whitaker 1/2013


You get the best, most complete, most up to date and simplest presentation of everything you need to know to become a competent optical dispensing professional or optician. The site is under constant review so you get the latest information the industry has to offer.


OpticianWorks was created by me, John Seegers.  I am a working, licensed, dispensing optician, with over nineteen years of hands-on work experience. I also have a Master's degree in education and taught opticianry courses for the JSRCC Opticianry program.


The site includes a complete nineteen lesson on-line textbook, hundreds of professional illustrations, hundreds of professional images, on-line review tests for every lesson and more, how-to videos, and step-by-step tutorials.



Individual annual membership is just $229.00.

There are no hidden costs or surprises. I do not even do any kind of sneaky "auto-renewal"!

Corporate membership discounts available for 10+ employees.

Vision West buying group members can save $20 off each membership.



Online Textbook

OpticianWorks includes a complete, on-line, 300 page, textbook where I offer nineteen lessons covering the following:

1. Why People Wear Glasses and Contacts
2. How Lenses Can Correct Vision
3. Lens Design and Lens Materials
4. Interpretation Of Written Prescription
5. All About Frames
6. Adjustments and Dispensing
7. Taking Measurements
8. Lens Treatments
9. Ordering Frames and Lab Work
10. Lensometer and Verification

11. Repairs
12. Safety and Specialty Eyewear
13. Finishing & Surfacing Basics
14. Anatomy
15. Understanding & Working With Prism
16. Sales & Practice Management
17. Understanding & Working With Insurance Plans
18. All About Contact Lenses
19. All About Low Vision Aids



Over 150 professional, highly detailed, full color drawings to help demonstrate the proper application of skills taught in the lesson.




Over 300 professional, high definition, full color photographs to learn from.

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Online Tests

Every lesson is followed with an on-line, instant scored, review test designed to reinforce learning and retention. Additional tests include lensometry, flat transposition, and conversion of distance to near and intermediate prescriptions.



A library of videos that cover:

1. Using a Lensometer
2. How to Restring a Frame
3. How to Focus a Lensometer
4. The Parts of the Lensometer
5. Finishing With a Patternless Edger
6. Trimming Temples
7. Explaining the Concept of Axis
8. Standard Alignment

9. Edge Polishing
10. Lens Thickness Calipers
11. How Lenses Are Created In a Lab
12. Lens Insertion In a Metal Frame
13. How to Identify Lens Materials
14. How to Use a Lens Clock
15. Finishing Lenses With a Pattern Edger
16. Frame and Lens Bevels
17. Prism Calculations
18. Free-form Surfacing from Hoya Vision



Links to over fifty other sites that help expand on topics and provide additional information on a wide variety of topics.


Current Product Information

Unlike printed material by offering our content on-line I stay current on the latest product information. By working directly with vendors from all the major optical companies I always strive to provide the most up to date product information.


Email Support

If you ever have a question or need a little additional help you can always email me.

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