About OpticianWorks

So, what is OpticianWorks all about?

First off, our goal is to teach you how to earn more and be happier making, selling and fitting eye wear. All you have to do is be open-minded about how you think about the role of an optician and then be willing to put your heart into it.

The first step, obviously, is mastering the craft itself; OpticianWorks has you covered in spades. In fact that is reason OpticianWorks was original created. But, we are going beyond that. We have a hidden agenda…

Revolutionizing the optical industry one optician at a time.

The industry is changing so fast. Unfortunately, much of it is not good news for opticians. Anecdotally, online sales, race-to-the-bottom pricing, and vision plan reimbursements are keeping wages down along with the willingness of employers to hire qualified opticians. Price-conscious and self-educated consumers are becoming more difficult to serve. Many are choosing online optical sales and shortcut methods of obtaining eye wear because they’ve now been given a way to avoid the feelings of fear, dread, and suspicion they so often associate with [medical] optical. Who can blame them?

If that weren’t bad enough, the state of optician licensing, certification, and education is a mess. For years, traditional paths have been tried again and again, to elevate the profession and all have fallen short of expectations.

Well, it’s time to change all that.

At OpticianWorks we believe the world is a fundamentally different place than it was years ago and that meaningful solutions to our problems will no longer come from bureaucracy and top-down mandates. We believe the answers lie firmly in your hands and that you have the ability, right now, to create your future as well as the future of the eye wear business. Technology and cultural shifts have given you the power to reach farther than ever before, to break through traditional barriers, and build a tribe of passionate followers, upon which you can grow a successful business or career.

In choosing this path, not only can you find personal success, but you will begin to change the face of optical from one of fear, dread, and suspicion into one of a sought after experience that represents excitement, self-expression, and of course, the best vision possible.