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OpticianWorks has trained tens of thousands of opticians
to not only pass their ABO, NCLE certification, and licensing exams,
but learn real-world skills and bring value to the optical businesses they serve.

I am an optical manager for a company in Florida. I was getting really burnt out and feeling really lack luster about my job. I enjoy helping people, and I love the fashion of picking out new eyewear with customers. I am usually labeled as a “go-getter” and I pride myself on having an above and beyond work ethic. I was actually considering getting out of this field because I was feeling trapped. I even paid $1100 for a course that only gave me books to read and study before sending off for an exam. I was struggling to even have the motivation to pick up those books since I am a audio/visual learner. I have read the All About Opticians, About John, FAQ’s, and becoming a rock star optician. I paid for the access to the website originally because I needed help passing the ABO since I am in my second year of three in the optician apprentice program here in Florida. Your site/words of wisdom have really helped me to feel the beginnings of happiness in my role again, as well as the courses you offer giving me hope that I can learn what I need to in order to pass the ABO, get licensed and become a true rock start optician. So from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful.

Faith S.

Easily the most useful resource available for anyone interested in taking the ABO or just wanting to sharpen their skills as an optician! Each course is broken up into smaller, easier to digest lessons that you can work through at your own pace. Also, if you ever have any questions, John is always just a quick email away!

This is easily the best investment anyone interested in a future as an optician can make. I pay more for my Netflix every month!

Wesley H.

By far the BEST training resource out there. Thank you for all you do.

Jami K.

Absolutely amazing for any optician starting out and even the experienced optician just needing a refresher!

Lindsey R.

How can you be so appreciative of someone you have never met?! But it’s true, I am so very thankful for your expertise but more so your masterful communication style that effectively explains difficult concepts but with such simplicity and candor. My educational background consists of both engineering and MBA degrees prior to opticianry but I have to acknowledge that your instruction was some of the best instruction that I ever received.

Paul O.

Helped me immensely when an Apprentice and continues to help me as an Optician ! There is SO much to know , John really covers it all in terms easy to understand! I never would have made it without OpticianWorks !

Donna C.

I worked through the Laramy-K Optician works program to help me with study for my certification. I could not be happier with your program and the wonderful instruction that John Seegers provided. You guys ROCK!!!! I am so happy that a friend referred me to your site. I truly do not believe I would have passed my ABO with out all of you guys that provide such excellent resources/courses and videos. I am happy to share with you that I passed my ABO exam in December, and now am able to work in the lab at my job!

Thank you all so much for caring so much about educating people about optics and much more!

Crystal S.

I’ve been taking the online training from Laramy-K and I couldn’t be happier. I really enjoy the simplification of concepts that are sometimes hard to grasp.

Alvaro M.

I passed my ABO today on the first try! The OpticianWorks program is outstanding, I highly recommend it. The information, videos, charts, pictures made the learning fun and so much easier to grasp than just reading a book would have. Very thorough and well put together. Thanks so much John and team!

Sunnie M.

I just passed my ABO today and I have to give credit where it’s due! OpticianWorks study guides, pre tests and videos made the studying process a breeze, and I was able to walk into the testing facility relaxed and confident. I highly recommend subscribing to OpticianWorks to anyone planning on taking the ABO, optical novices, and even optical vets who want to dive a little deeper into things. Thanks again!

Katie S.

Optical gold nuggets for all! This site is run by an Optical Guru.

Ashley M.

Love sharing the videos with staff. There are so many great tips that this site has become a frequent destination for us!

Tiffany F.

I just had to reach out and say thank you to John and the whole OpticianWorks staff! I have taken a course through Penn Foster to prepare me for the ABO and it only led me to confusion. I started the opticianworks course in January to help give me confidence to sit for the test in March. Seeing on the optician groups on facebook how many people fail the test the first time really discouraged me but after completing your course and taking the practice test you offer upwards of 75 times, I passed the ABO on Friday easily. I felt so prepared and confident taking the test and I have all of my success I owe to you and the work you all have put into this course. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do.
Stay Glassy, my friends.

Becca P.

On Monday I passed my ABOc. I couldn’t have done it without Optician Works.  This is just a small mountain I conquered in my new journey as a fledgling optician. I am humbled and intimidated by everything I don’t know, but I feel I have such a good roadmap and support with you at Optician Works and Laramy-K. 
Thank you for all the instruction and most of all the sincere personal interest you both show to folks like myself.
I will be even more proud to display my completion certificate from Optician works on Linked In and on my wall when I complete your wonderful program.
Greta A.

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