OpticianWorks Program FAQ

Q: Who do I contact if I need technical support?

A: If you are having technical issues, please go to our support page and open a support ticket. We will respond as quickly as possible (often within a few hours). Please, do not call the lab. They do not have access to the OpticianWorks membership platform.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: If you have joined within the last year or so, you can go to: courses | my page | order history. There you should see an option to cancel. If you do not, just open a support ticket requesting a cancellation and we will take cancel it for you.

Q: What software and hardware requirements are there?

A: The program is best completed on a high-speed, Internet connected, desktop or laptop computer. There are no other special requirements. Smaller mobile devices can be used but, many of the illustrations, images and videos contain small parts that may be hard to discern on a small screen.

Q: How long will it take me to complete the program?

A: That will depend on you. For someone with no optical experience it would take about 100 hours (2.5 weeks of full time work) to complete the entire course. That includes time to visit an outside lab, shadow an optician for a day and to do some outside study of trade magazines and websites. New material is constantly being added, so this will change over time.

Let’s say you put in an honest 5 hours each week. 100/5 = 20 weeks. 20 weeks = 5 months.

Q: Do I get a certificate for completing the program?

A: Yes! You get a certificate of achievement for each course you complete and a final certificate upon completing the entire program.* You must REQUEST the final certificate of completion which will be mailed to you and it is suitable for framing for your office.

* May require reference from an active mentor or employer providing proof that skills have been mastered.

Q: Will I get my optician’s license when I complete the program?

A: No. Only individual states provide licenses.

Q: Will I be a Certified Optician when I complete the program?

A: No. You can get a certificate that says you have completed the OpticianWork program. No agency can certify you as an optician.

Q: What other books and materials will I need?

A: We recommend Ellen Stoner’s Optical Formulas Tutorial (available on Amazon) and an entry level scientific calculator. However, only a basic calculator with a +/- button is required.

Q: What is a lensmeter kit and how to I get one?

A: Our Learn the Lensmeter Kits are available for loan to our U.S. OpticianWorks Total Access members.* The kits allow you to get hands-on experience using your lensmeter with various types of lenses while following along with the matching video series.

You DO NOT get a lensmeter on loan! (Come on now…) You get a kit of lenses and mounted pairs to practice with while using your lensmeter at work.

The kits are available on-loan for a period of 60 days for OpticianWorks Total Access Members Only. Because of the cost involved, we have a limited number of the kits so availability may be limited.

The Lensmeter Kit Includes:
#1 a loose single vision lens
#2 a loose single vision lens
#3 a pair of single vision lenses mounted in a frame front
#4 a pair of lined bifocal lenses mounted in a frame front
#5 a pair of progressive lenses mounted in a frame front
#6 a pair of single vision lenses mounted in a frame front
#7 a loose single vision lens
#8 reuses pair #3 for neutralization exercise

To request a lensmeter kit, please click [HERE] and open a support ticket. Select the category “Lensmeter Kit Request” and include the following;

Company name
Company address
Company telephone number
Email address (must match a member email)

*Terms and Conditions: The OpticianWorks Learn the Lensmeter Kit is loaned out for for a period of 60 days. Each kit must be returned to OpticianWorks in its original condition and in the original packaging. If kits are not returned within 60 days, the member will be charged the kit value of $150 plus shipping charges. If kits are returned damaged, the member will be charged for damages not to exceed $150.

Q: Is OpticianWorks a school?

A: Yes. It is a self-guided, online school, created by a licensed optician with a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and a former instructor at a Virginia Community College Opticianry program.

Q: Is the OpticianWorks program accredited?

A: No. Only college degree programs offered under the National Federation of Opticianry Schools are accredited. Unless a school can offer real college credits that can be used to earn a recognized college degree, accreditation is meaningless.

Q: Do I earn credits for the program?

A: No. Only college degree courses earn credits which work towards earning a final degree like a Associates of Applied Science Degree (AAS) or Bachelor’s of Science Degree (BS).

Q: How does OpticianWorks compare to other programs?

A: We are so confident that our program is better than anything else you will find we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Go ahead, we encourage you to try to find another site that offers so much.

Q: Can I use financial aid or other programs to pay for the program?

A: With prior approval we can set up a payment schedule with a jobs training program.

Q: How much math is involved?

A: Basic arithmetic is all that is required to complete the course. You are expected to use a basic calculator with a +/- button to change from positive to negative. All formulas are shown step-by-step with plenty of examples given. You may also choose to work some of the other formulas that use basic trigonometry but they are not required.

Q: Can I earn ABO CE or continuing education credits for taking the course?

A: No. We do not currently have an agreement with the ABO for you to earn CEs.

Q: How often is the site updated?

A: Almost daily. The site is under constant review and material is updated often. Many of the core concepts never change but we often update illustrations, images, videos and examples.

Q: Do you offer financing or a payment plan?

A: Yes! Only $9.99 a month! 🙂

Q: Can I call you?

A: Yes. However, 99% of communication is by email. Should we decide that a call or Skype session is necessary we will provide you with our numbers.

Q: Do you offer any extra help if I need it?

A: Yes. We often work one-on-one with individuals that are struggling with a specific concept. That may be by email, videos, additional questions or even a Skype session.

Q: What do I do if something is not working?

A: Please, go to our support page and open a ticket. We will respond as quickly as possible.