Welcome to the amazing world of contact lenses!

Just like eyeglass opticianry you can take contact lenses as far as you want to go.

Just need to know how to choose and sell a box of contacts?
We got you covered.

Just want to pass the basic NCLE?
We got you covered.

Want to start building the foundation to become an independent, in demand, respected, highly paid contact lens specialist?
We got you covered.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 10 to 20 Hours

Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

Course Instructors

John Seegers John Seegers Author
Carrie Wilson Carrie Wilson Author

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1: Introduction To Contact Lenses

2: New Opticians & Contact Lenses: By: John Seegers

3: Getting To Know Contact Lenses

4: Anatomy & Physiology For Contacts 

5: The Biomicroscope – Slit Lamp

6: Insertion & Removal I&R And Lens Care

7: The Need For CL Specialists

8: NCLE Basic Exam Prep

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