Currently the eyecare and the eyewear businesses are tied together. For many reasons this model is going through some changes. These changes may some day result in a new role for the optician. It is the goal of OpticianWorks to prepare you for a time when perhaps you will not be dependent on a doctor or “medical” practitioner for your “prescriptions.”

However, for many years to come most of you will find yourself working for, or with, a doctor of optometry, ophthalmology or both.

In either case you will need to know just some of the jargon, anatomy and physiology of the eye.

Just as the independent doctor of optometry needs to have business skills – you need to have just a little anatomy & physiology. That still doesn’t make you a medical professional.

The section on prism is part of this course because it is a doctor who is experienced in working with prism that will prescribe it. How you will actually work with prism is covered in detail in a later section.

The section All About Contact Lenses is a part of this course because contact lenses ARE a medical device that comes in direct contact with the eye and can cause serious medical issues if abused. Contact lens specialists must know their anatomy and physiology.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 - 12 Hours

Difficulty: Moderate

Course Instructor

John Seegers John Seegers Author

1: Understanding Written Lens Powers

2: Anatomy of the Eye

3: Understanding Prescribed Prism

4: All About Contact Lenses