A New Approach to Optician Staff Training

Bring the optician curriculum from the web into the real world to benefit your optician staff and grow your business.

Introducing a new way to train your optician staff that is not only free but can provide more benefit to your business than any other certification, licensing or degree program that exists today.

The videos and training program that made OpticianWorks famous are just the foundation. The Laramy-K OpticianWorks Optician Qualification Standard (OQS) is the key that brings the optician curriculum out of the books and off the web pages into the real world of your optical business.

100% free to download, the OQS and contains everything an optician should know and be able to do, in order to his or her job well, breaking it all down into “bite-sized” knowledge and practical requirements.


The printable OQS acts as a road map, progress monitor, motivational tool, and physical proof of competency all-in-one. The perfect training tool for your optician staff.


How to Train Your Optician Staff Using The OQS

Read. Watch. Practice. Do!

Using the OQS, in conjunction with the OpticianWorks online training program, your optician staff trainees will have everything they need to learn a requirement in their actual work environment before demonstrating their proficiency and obtaining a signature of completion.

Proven Method

The qualification standard is the same system used by the U.S. Navy to train and qualify personnel for everything from basic firefighting to nuclear propulsion plant operations, by talking basic knowledge and turning it into real-world application. It will work for your optician staff too!

What others are saying:

I am so impressed with how thorough and comprehensive it is. It is incredibly user friendly, and easy to understand.  This format helps to ease the feeling of being overwhelmed that plagues so many new opticians and trainees.
Jami K.

I really like what you’ve got here!
I went through an apprenticeship program and did not have the benefit of a more structured, detailed education plan. This is hands down better than the program I went through. I really like that it incorporates business practices & third party billing. 

Deb B.

This is a great structure for an employer to train optician staff. Having sign offs on each module allows for the qualifier and supervisor to have accountability for the progress of the apprentice. This is much more robust than the ABO because it goes through more than just the foundational knowledge to pass an exam.

Adam B.

Download the OQS

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Sneak Peak at the OQS Front Matter and Table of Contents



Optics for Opticians 8
110 Why People Wear Glasses 8
111 The Math & Science Behind Eyeglass Lenses 10
113 How Eyeglass Lenses Correct Vision 13
The Eye and Corrective Lenses 14
120 Understanding Written or Prescribed Lens Powers 14
121 Anatomy of the Eye 15
122 Contact Lenses 16
All About Frames 18
130 All About Frames 18
131 Standard Adjustments 21
132 Taking Measurements 22
133 Dispensing Eyewear 23
Lens Materials and Design 23
140 Lens Materials 23
141 Understanding Prism 25
142 Progressive Lenses 27
143 Freeform Lenses and Compensation 29
144 Lens Surfacing 30
145 Lens Design, Material, and Frame Selection 31
Lens Options & Multiple Pairs 33
150 Lens Treatments 33
151 Specialty Eyewear 36
152 Low Vision 38
Lensmeter, Verification & Optician Craft 39
160 The Lensmeter 39
161 Verification & Inspection 41
162 The Craft in Optician Craftsman 41
Sales, Business Management & Vision Care Plans 41
170 Customer Service 41
171 Sales 43
172 Opticians and The Business of Eyeglasses 44
173 Insurance or Vision Care Plans 47
Finishing: The Opticians Edge 48
180 Is Finishing Right For You? 48
181 How to Start to Finish 49
182 Finishing Equipment 50
183 Layout Work 50


210 Taking Measurements 52
220 Frame Adjustment and Repair 53
230 Dispensing Eyewear 55
240 Lensometry 56
250 Business 57
260 Vision Plans 58
270 Finishing Work 58
280 Broaden Your Skills 60
290 Never Stop Learning 61


300 Final Board of Review 62




The purpose of OpicianWorks OQS and staff training program is to define a qualification standard for the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills necessary to perform the duties associated with the role of optician. In this context, “optician” is defined as a person who makes, sells, and fits eyeglasses. This qualification standard is not intended to meet the requirements of contact lens specialist, optometric assistant, or ophthalmic technician. This standard is also intended to provide means and a method of accountability for training and building proficiency of optical staff members in the presence or absence of other licensing and/or certification requirements.

While it is highly recommended this standard be used in conjunction with the OpticianWorks online training program, it may also be used with any other reference materials and/or educational programs that provide the trainee with sufficient knowledge to complete the stated requirements.


This qualification standard is divided into three sections.

100 Section: Knowledge Standards – knowledge, theories and understanding required
to perform the practical aspects of the role of optician

200 Section: Practical Application Standards – skill areas requiring practical
proficiency necessary to perform the role of optician

300 Section: Final Board of Review – a leadership and senior staff review of the
trainee and program effectiveness

TRAINEE: The requirements in this document are generally intended to be completed in the order presented, but may be performed out of order when deemed appropriate (use your best judgement). To work through the standard, select a requirement to complete and study the topic on your own or in conjunction with a training program until you know the material and/or meet the intent of the requirement. Afterwards, arrange a meeting with a qualifier (designated or approved by your employer or supervisor). The qualifier will engage in a discussion or ask you to demonstrate a thorough understanding or
completion of the requirement. Once the qualifier is satisfied you meet the intent of the requirement, he/she will sign and date signifying its completion. Repeat for each requirement until the qualification standard is complete.

QUALIFIER: Since optician education, certification and training vary from state to state, there is no way to set specific criteria for the qualifier position. For the purposes of this standard, qualifier(s) will be designated or approved by organization management. It is recommended that the qualifier meet the local requirements for an optician and/or have sufficient experience with the requirement to be signed. The trainee is highly encouraged and, in some cases, required to seek a variety of individual qualifiers to sign off requirements in this standard. This includes qualifiers from other
stores/labs outside of the trainee’s place of employment.

As a thank you to qualifiers and their willingness to train others and efforts to improve
the profession, qualifiers are entitled to free access to the OpticianWorks training
program with the purchase of an annual trainee membership.


Download the OQS

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