<p>For security we must be at a computer to access the member database. OpticianWorks is run from GA and SC, not from the lab in Iowa. Keith is on the road for the better part of every day and I'm in the video studio where I can't have phones ringing. We check email constantly and can actually respond quicker and more efficiently to an email than to a phone call. </p>

<p>We don't know! We have multiple contact email addresses and multiple Contact Us forms on the website too. Sadly it comes down to, "just one of those things." It might be a browser issue or a computer setting that blocks us from getting your email. We genuinely love hearing from our members! Here are our email addresses, email us any time. If we get an email - we answer an email!: johnseegers@laramyk.com, keith@laramyk.com.</p>

<p>If you submit a Support Ticket, we will get it. The support system is 100% within our control. If you have requested that your membership be cancelled and it bills into the next month you will receive 100% credit for that month. </p>

<p>Because the personnel at the lab in Iowa have no access to the OpticianWorks member database and are not prepared to handle any technical problems that might arise. OpticianWorks is not run from the lab in IA but from GA and SC. </p>

You should get an instant auto-reply letting you know your ticket has been created.

After that it is usually just a matter of a few hours.

Technical problems may take up to 72 hours to be resolved.