Choosing to have finishing equipment on premises may be one of the most important business decisions you will make. Here are some things you will want to consider. None of them should appear as deal-breakers. An edger, when used correctly, should, over time, make you good money.

  • An edger is a sizable investment so be sure to find an edger sales representative you can trust.
  • – Have they been a rep in the optical industry for very long?
    – Do they represent an established company?
    – Do they seem comfortable talking about and working with the equipment?
    – Do they answer texts, calls and emails?
    – Have they offered any training or help getting you started?

  • The cost of your investment in the equipment
  • – A used edger will start around $5000.00
    – A new high-end multi-function edger with ancillary equipment may reach $100,000.00
    – Consider your financing, loans, tax breaks, accounting, depreciation

  • Type of equipment
  • – Will you buy new or used?
    – Do you want it to cut dry or wet?
    – Cut with a wheel or milling bit?
    – Be crazy simple or more complex?
    – What do you want it to do tomorrow?
    – What will you want it to do 3+ years from now?
    * more on all that coming up

  • Ancillary equipment & Consumables
  • – What type of blocker will you pair with the edger?
    – What type of tracer will you want to pair with the edger?
    – Consumables (leap pads, anti-slip pads, blocks, etc.)

  • The initial cost of maintaining a finished, uncut, SV stock lens inventory
  • – Stocking a handful of your most common powers may be $1000.00
    – Stocking a wide range of powers in both uncoated and an AR coated series may reach to $50,000.00

  • The range and types of lenses you will stock
  • – What material(s)?
    – What AR coatings?
    – Will you stock any insurance plan lens series?
    * more on that coming up

  • The space necessary for equipment and inventory
  • – Do you have it?
    – Will you need to build or modify an existing space?

  • What about any special plumbing or electrical work?
  • – You may need to add a water drain system in your “lab.”
    – You may need a dedicated 20amp circuit to run the edger.

  • The noise/odor created by the finishing process
  • – Do you have a quiet place in the store?
    – Will you need to work before or after normal store hours?
    * Note that high index lenses have a VERY strong odor when they are being edged.

  • Finding time in the day when an employee can work on finishing jobs
  • – May be half an hour, may be three hours.

  • The potential for loss if mistakes are made during process
  • – If operator makes an error on a $90.00 lens you may lose $90.00
    * See more in our lab relationship lesson

These are all things that a good rep should be able to help you sort out.

Again, when used correctly, an edger [should] make money.

BONUS FEATURE: This is the most thorough inventory you will ever find of everything you might require to have a fully operational in-house lab. Right down to the thumbtacks!

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